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Student Accounts: (401) 865-2284
Student Loans: (401) 865-2050
Fax Number: (401) 865-1988  

Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday, 8:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

During the Summer, Providence College offices close at  2:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Mailing Address:

Office of the Bursar
Providence College
1 Cunningham Square
Providence , RI 02918 


Undergraduate Tuition, Room, Board & Fees 2017-2018

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tuition & Required Fees

(without Room & Board) 
​Tuition / Fee
​General Tech Fee​$430.00
​Activity Fee​$330.00

Tuition is based on a regular course load (Refer to Academic Information).

Extra course charges may apply for additional courses.

Rates below are for all classes:

Room Options​Fall​Spring​Total
​Residence Halls​$4,105.00​$4,105.00​$8,210.00*
​Three Bedroom Apartment Rental​$6,220.00​$6,220.00​$12,440.00
​Two Bedroom Apartment Rental​$6,320.00​$6,320.00​$12,640.00
​2 Bedroom Suite​$5,290.00​$5,290.00​$10,580.00
​3 Bedroom Suite​$5,120.00​$5,120.00​$10,240.00

 * Required for Freshman

Meal Options​Fall​Spring​Total
Unlimited Meal Plan​$3,015.00​$3,015.00​$6,030.00*
​15 Meal Plan​$2,795.00​$2,795.00​$5,590.00**
​11 Meal Plan​$2,285.00​$2,285.00​$4,570.00***
​7 Meal Plan​$1,780.00​$1,780.00​$3,560.00****
​75 Block ​Meal Plan​$1035.00​$1035.00​$2,070.00****

*Required for all Freshmen living in a Residence Hall.

**Minimum meal plan required for Sophomores or higher living in a Residence Hall.

***Minimum meal plan required for all students living in the Suites.

****Only an option for Off Campus Students and Students living in the Apartments

All requests to change your designated meal plan must be made via email​ to the Office of Residence Life at  Requests must be submitted no later than 7 business days from the first day of classes.

Required on Campus Fees​Fall​Spring​Total
​On Campus Laundry Fee​$67.00​$67.00​$134.00


Special Fees​​Total
​Computer Lab Fees (per lab)​$110.00
​Computer Applications in Business Fee I​$300.00
​Computer Applications in Business Fee II​$220.00
​Art Studio (Per Course)​$130.00
​Piano Lab Fee (Per Course)​$70.00
​Science Lab (Per Course)​$185.00
​Psychology Lab (Per Course)​$185.00
​Video Production Fee (Per Course)​$120.00
​Music Ed Practicum Fee​$60.00
Student Teaching Practicum Fee I **​​$115.00
​Student Teaching Practicum Fee II **​$60.00
​Music Lesson Fee​$575.00
​Study Abroad - Semester/Year$1,000.00
Study Abroad - Summer​$200.00
​Special Student Fee (per credit)​$1,596.00
​Graduation Fee​$210.00
​Student Health Insurance *$1,888.00
Late Registration Fee​$150.00


Note: Students enrolled in courses for which the College incurs significant additional expense may be assessed supplementary fees above and beyond their regular tuition charges.  Fees may be charged to help offset costs related to specialized equipment, technology, software, supplies and transportation, as well as additional costs for specialized staffing or cooperating teacher fees.

(A special student is not enrolled as a degree candidate and does not follow a full prescribed program of study.)

*Personal health insurance is mandatory for every student.  Unless a waiver indicating that a student is insured privately is provided annually by August 15, the student will be enrolled automatically in the College's insurance plan.  The enrolled student will be responsible for the costs of this plan and will be billed accordingly.  Any questions should be directed to the Bursar's Office. 

**Practicum Fee is based on Student/Cooperating Teacher ratio.

Application Fee​Total
​Prospective Freshman​$65.00
Special & Re-admitted Students​​$65.00​​​​