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Christmas Greeting

​​​​​​ADVENT is an embarrassm​ent!​

If Almighty God so loved the world
that He sent His only Son in order to save it,
and if His Son loved us so much
that He gave His life in order to prove it,
then where’s the evidence of it?
In the pompous renditions of Handel and Bach?
In the chubby cherubs at the noisy malls?
In the carols we sing and hear sung?
In the tinsel on the tree?
The pompous renditions of Handel and Bach,
are works of humanity in praise of divinity.
The chubby cherubs in the noisy malls are make believe,
but remind us ... angels are real,
and we each have one
“at our side, to light and guard to rule and guide.”
The carols we sing and hear sung are hymns of praise fit for a king,
born at a moment in time,
when a star came to a standstill,
and “royalty dwindled to infancy,”
in a paradox of poverty amid plenty,
and a virgin named Mary, gave birth to God’s Son,
and named Him ... Jesus.
Especially now, in this season of Advent Grace and Christmas Peace,
we “THANK YOU” for all you are, for all you do, for our Alma Mater.
At Mass, in prayer, you and yours are with us ... especially now.​